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Travel Facts


Ethiopia’s surface area, 1,235,000 Square kilometers makesit the second largest country in Africa. Out of 65 percent arable land, only 15 percent is presently cultivated. The unique Ethiopian plateau, covers above half of the total area is cut by The Great East African Rift Valley.


The climate of Ethiopia highly depends on the altitudinal deviation. Generally, the average temperature ranges from 14-18 degree centigrade in high lands and to 24-33 degree centigrade in low lands areas. The rainy season occurs between mid-June and September and interrupted by a small rain in March.


The population is around 80 million. Ethiopia has a rich, complex and diverse human pattern with about 80 ethnic groups.


Amharic with its unique alphabet is the official language of Ethiopia; There are over 83 Languages with its 200 dialects throughout Ethiopia. In areas outside of the larger cities and towns, indigenous Languages are likely to be spoken.


Ethiopia is being led by Federal Republic having 14 regions


The main feature of the topography is the highland (central plateau) varying from 2000m to 3000m with some mountains over 4000m. The mountains are the source of famous rivers like the Blue Nile, the Awash, Omo and Wabesheble Rivers.

Time and Calendar

Ethiopia is GMT+3 hour's time zone and follows Julian calendar, which is twelve month of 30 days each and a thirteen month of 5 days or 6 days in each leap year.

When to Travel

Touring in Ethiopia may depend on where you are going. Rainy season in Omo and Mago areas, from March to June and few in November makes surface tour difficult. However, the historic route can be visited all round the year by surface and flight.


Ethiopia is a safe destination. Nevertheless, when traveling in any developing country, common sense is a traveler's best friend. Safety is one of the main factors that are considered while Safari Ethiopia organizes its trips.


 Foreign visitors must have entry visas. Entry visas can be obtained from Ethiopian Diplomatic and consular missions abroad. Arrangements can be made in advance for a visa to be available at the airport.

Health Requirement

Visitors must have vaccination certificates against Yellow Fever. Any person, who visited or transited cholera-infected countries within six days before arrival, is required to have a vaccination certificate against Cholera. Malaria occurs in most parts of the country, especially the lowlands. Visitors should take preventive dose against malaria, before, during and after the tour.


The local currency is Birr. The amount of international foreign currencies (be it Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling,); a visitor can bring into the country is unlimited. Nevertheless, the amount should be declared. Exchanges may be done at authorized banks and hotels. The currency declaration form will be required on departure.

Airport Tax

U.S $ 20 for international departure


220 Volts and 50 A.C

Filming and Photography

Legal filming companies and journalists should get filming permit from ministry of Information and culture. However, individual tourists can freely make filming and photography with limited charge. For further information use our contact address.

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