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Safari Ethiopia Tours

Safari Ethiopia Tours (SETS) is a private tour Operator company in Ethiopia. We are well experienced professionals family partnership of Ethiopians offering wide range of travel services inside Ethiopia, One of the old Great Nations in Africa. Our tours could be extended to the other east African countries, Kenya, Djibouti, British Somali Land, Uganda, and Sudan.

Our team has been working in other tour companies in various posts such as tour operator, tour operation manager, tour coordinator and as tour guide. All of our staff have either lived or travelled extensively throughout Ethiopia. We bring you firsthand knowledge of the different destinations you will visit and the hotels, lodges and campsites that will accommodate you.

We are used to deploying up to date camping gears, 4 WD’s, coaches and various  vans as necessary so that clients can make their trips in all days of the year and travel around in all  locations of Ethiopia. Be it East of Ethiopia, South, West, or that of North of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is well-known for its wide range of fabulous activities ranging from bird watching, Culture and archaeological sightseeing’s to trekking in Simien Mountains, trekking in Bale Mountains, tribal/ethnic tours to the south, west, east and north of Ethiopia, adventurous trips to the Danakil depression and Erta ale active volcanoes, amazing and continuously changing landscapes, waterfalls, fishing, horse riding, Photographing and various kinds of safaris.

We can design any itinerary for you given that you have an adequate amount of time for any destination of your choice in Ethiopia. The itineraries under the ‘Tour packages’ section of the main menu are examples that other customers have loved and are intended to provide you as a starting point. All itineraries can be revised with alternative accommodation if necessary. We are flexible to meet clients’ interests. Email us (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with your preferences or if you prefer to talk one-on-one, call us (cell phone: 00251920658365) to speak with our Ethiopian tour specialist.

The conducive working environment we have established with the local ground operators, that is Ethiopia based tour operators  such as hotels, airlines, travel associated companies, car rentals, local guides, site guides and other service providers has helped us to handle a number of trips simultaneously.

Safari Ethiopia Tours in Ethiopia offers: Historical trip, cultural trip, history and culture trip combined in the north, east ,west and south of Ethiopia , nature and scenery holidays, ecological tours; cultural and national  holidays( like ethnic trip, ceremonies, festivals,  and events),  and Historic route  Holidays  all combined. Trips on Medieval and ancient  arts and architectures of Ethiopia, pilgrimage holidays, wildlife,  game viewing in the national parks of Ethiopia and  bird watching holidays, trekking holidays, say trekking in Simien mountains, trekking in Bale Mountains national park, trekking in Surma region, trekking in Maqdala( some reads as Meqdela, magdala, Mekdela), Trekking in and around  the cliff and escarpments  of Wogel tena, Wadila-Dilanta areas, easy rock climbing around the rock churches of Tigray say at  the rock churches of Abune Abba Selama, Abune Yemata- Guh,,Debre Damo Abune Abba Aregawe,and in many other escarpments of the country, caving in Sof Omer caves, Adventure holidays and vacations in Danakil depression, Erta ale active Volcanoes, paragliding , Horse riding, day trips( Excursions), off road safaris, Photographing safaris, special interest tours,  Hotel bookings, car rentals, Air tickets handling, tailored package tours, and so for individuals and groups.To tailor make your trip, be it  budget package  tours , luxury vacation package trips, or in between, first and foremost what we need  to have from you  is your focal interest from the abovementioned activities. We do trust that Ethiopia is a destinations where one can have the chance to create her/his own scenery.

 Following are some of the major attraction sites those kinds of activities.

  • Northern  Ethiopia/ mainly History and culture Holidays of Ethiopia: Axum, Yeha, rock hewn churches of Tigray (Mekelle,Atsbi dera, Gheralta, Tembien, Adwa ,..) rock churches of Lalibella,  rock churches around Lalibella, Hayk Estifanos, Emperor Tewodros’s II last Fortress, Prison and Burial site, Maqdala, Selamigie, the Sevastopol Cannon in Meqdela, The medieval churches and  Castles of Gondar, Gorgora, Awramba, Bahir Dar, Island Monasteries of Lake Tana, Medieval and ancient churches and paintings of North and South Gondar, East and west  Gojam, South and North Wollo, Northern and north-eastern  Shewa ;Walia Ibex, Simien fox( Abyssinian wolf), Gelada baboon, Some of the Endemic birds of Ethiopia ,the simian mountains and the Majestic Blue Nile falls, Camel Market in Bati on Monday, and  Senbete Market on Sunday and many more similar market days in each district of North Ethiopia.
  • Southern, and south east of  Ethiopia/mainly  Culture, ethnic trips and  Nature lovers holidays : Tiya stele fields, Tutiti and Tutu Fela phallic and varies kinds of steles sites, The Rift valley Lakes; Lake Zeway, Lake Langano, Lake Abiata, Lake Shalla, Wondo Genet, Lake Awassa, Lake Abaya, Lake Chamo, Lake Chew Bahir( Lake stephanie), Lake Turkana. Abiata-Shalla National Park, Senkele Game Sanctuary, Arba Minch, Dorze & Chencha Markets , Nechisar National park, Karat Konso, Weyto(Tsemay), Key Afer market, Jinka market , Mago National Park, Hanna Mursi, Omo river ,Karo Kolcho, Karo Dus, Murelle,  Kangatan, Omorate, Turmi( Hamer tribes market), Demeka market , Arbore market , Market days, Ceremonies, Planning bird trip holidays, Yabello, Mega, Moyalle, Chew Bet(Elsod) ,Negele Borena, Genale River, Liben plain, Filtu, Arero forest, Harena Forest, Bale Mountains National Park, Sof Omar Caves, Sheikh Hussien.
  • East, and North eastern Ethiopia trip : History, Culture and mainly Nature vacation Holidays: Harar, Babile Elephant Sanctuary, Dire Dawa, Laga Oda ancient Rock Paintings, Awash National Park, Yangudi  Rassa National Park, Lake Bishoftu and Hora in Debre Ziet, Danakil Depression, Ertale, Lake Afdera( Afrera), Hadar where our ancestor Lucy is discovered,  Lake Asale, Asaita, Awash River, Lake Abe.
  • West and South Western of Ethiopia mainly Nature and Culture trip Holidays: Gefersa reservoir ,Wenchi Crater lake, Renaissance Dam Project  over the Blue Nile River, Gambela National park, Bonga, Tepi, Bebeka Coffee plantation, Coffee trip Ethiopia, Tulgit,  Kibish Surma, Kibish Yangatom ,Kebish Kenya,Tum, Maji, Omo National Park.
  • Excursions and city tours in and around Addis Ababa: History, ethnological objects, Culture and nature loving holidays: Museums (ethnographic Museum, National Museum, Addis Ababa Museum, Natural archaeological museum...) Churches, Monasteries, Day trip to the Sululta plain, Menagesha Forest, Addis Alem, Wolliso, Melka Kunture, Adadi Mariam, Jemma Gorge and Blue Nile Gorge, Monastery of Debre Libanos, Debre Birhan Selassie Church, forts and old Palaces of Emperor MenelikII in Entoto , Addis Alem and Ankober.


Request more travel packages and trip advises and information focused on Ethiopia. Lots of detailed trip information on various destinations of Ethiopia with their diversified natures will be provided to you upon your wish.

The activities we have mentioned are the range of options available. Just imagine the possibilities…….

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